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Optimal Protein Podcast with Vanessa Spina

Dec 29, 2022

Hi friends!! This is an exciting episode all about my new circadian rhythm daily routine! We talk about how I do red light therapy daily, the best times to do it, as well as how it works with a brief explanation of the science behind it! 
There is a...

Dec 26, 2022

Hello my friends! This episode is THE most popular & most downloaded & shared episode of 2022! In this episode, we are talking about the fundamentals of PROTEIN and fat loss! Why protein is so critically important for body recomposition, metabolic health and appetite. Starting with CORE concepts of amino acids,...

Dec 22, 2022

Hi friends!! This is an exciting episode featuring the Top 10 Benefits of Red Light Therapy! 

There is a VERY limited number available (under 100!) so reserve yours now! Click here to check it out!
TREAT YOURSELF TO A TONE this year and kick off 2023...

Dec 19, 2022

Hi friends! This episode is all about hormonal imbalances and their connection to environmental toxins with Functional Medicine MD, Dr. Koz!

As a Functional Medicine MD, Dr. Peter Kozlowski uses a broad array of tools to find the source of the body’s dysfunction: he takes the time to listen to his patients and plots...

Dec 15, 2022

Hi friends!! This is an exciting episode featuring the Top 7 Ways to Optimize Your Mitochondria! I also share a big new announcement!! And a Little Holiday Gift From Me... My favorite keto Holiday Recipes! 
There is a very limited number...