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Optimal Protein Podcast (Fast Keto) with Vanessa Spina

Oct 8, 2019

Tara Couture is a certified nutritionist, homestead farmer, expert in nutrient dense animal based nourishment and one of my favorite instagram accounts to follow!

Tara has brought up her girls on nutrient dense foods you can imagine using her nutrition background combined with teachings from Weston A. Price, raw milk from farmer friends, and mostly her own animals she raises. I absolutely love reading her posts and she is a wealth of information. See more below for links on grassfed beef and conventionally raised cattle. Follow her amazing Instagram account

Feeding ruminants Urea (and here's the company making a "food grade urea" product for the cattle industry using natural gas). 
Article on what's passing as animal feed commercially. 
This one also talks about the protein added to cattle feed which includes the bone, blood, guts, feathers, and other garbage from animal sources (not including other cattle).

This one speaks to what I was saying about cattle developing "acidosis" - where their rumen can't keep up with feed concentrates (grains et. al.). It's this acidosis, or imbalanced gut bacteria that is a major contributor to unhealthy bacterial strains in the cattle (that get passed into our food).

Example of trying to feed ruminants whatever industrial waste they can. And another.
Something not often talked about are the antibiotics and hormones grain fed/feedlot cattle must receive just for them to survive such unhealthy cramped conditions with poor immunity. The antibiotics are directly in their feed.
The ubiquitousness of bloat and acidosis in grain fed cattle. There are literally tens of thousands of studies on how to control this. When cattle come off grass and go into the feedlots, there is a transition period of moving their guts from grass fermentation chamber to a grain based one. This is done with great precision or they will bloat and die. Imagine! They've figured out how to totally transform this exquisite, clean fuel running system into one that accepts feeds it was never meant to digest.
Standard operating procedures - grain feedlots.
Cellulose (wood fibre) in foods and cattle feed.
Sources of other feed by-products (it's not whole corn or any other grain, it's often the by-product of the industrial food system).
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